How to verify the online verification report

Two ways to verify whether the information of the verification report is consistent with National Higher Education Student Record and Qualification Certificate Online Registration Database:

1. Online verification:

This method can be adopted within the valid period after the initial application for verification. If the verification report applied in the CHSI Archives expires, you can extend the valid period. At present, extension service is only accessible for users of CHSI Archives.

a. Click on the online verification code in the report (email version or PDF version) to verify the report.

b. Log onto the online verification system of CHSI website and get the report verified by entering the online verification code.

2. Off-line verification:

a. Barcode for mobile phones with the function of bar code scanning.

b. Barcode for specialized bar code scanners.

Qrcode is more suitable for mobile phone scanners (users can download free software for Orcode, such as QuickMark, and install it into mobile phones to get the scanning function). Qrcode contains the student record, qualification certificate and other basic information (except photo) of the report; Pdf417 code is more suitable for specialized bar code scanners to read, which not only includes the student record and qualification certificates, but also online verification code, website address and valid period.

Tips: Barcode verification is not conditioned by the Internet access and valid period, but is vulnerable to counterfeiting. Therefore, the most reliable way is the online verification, with barcode and counterfeiting shading as accessory tools.