How to use the online verification report

Once the verification report is successfully applied, there will be three function buttons (print the report, download the report and send the report), two "barcode" and one "online verification code".

Three function buttons:

Print the report: click the button and print the report directly

Download the report: click the button and download the PDF version to the local hard disk.

Send the report: click the button and enter email address in the text entry box, and then click the "send" button to send the report to the email address (this email is attached with PDF version of the report). Click the online verification code in the email to open the web page of online verification report directly.

Two "barcode":

Qrcode contains student record, qualification certificates and other basic information (except photo) of the report. It is suitable for phone scanners to read (users can download free software for Orcode, such as QuickMark, and install it into mobile phones to get the scanning function).

Pdf417 code not only includes student record and qualification certificates, but also online verification code, website and valid period. It is suitable for specialized bar code scanner to read.

Tips: Barcode verification is not conditioned by the Internet access and valid period, but is vulnerable to counterfeiting. Therefore, the most reliable way is the online verification with barcode and counterfeiting shading as accessory tools.

An "online verification code":

After a successful application of the verification report, the system will automatically generate a unique online verification code corresponding with a student’s record and qualification certificate.

With the verification code, holders of the report can log onto "CHSI – Online Verification System" to verify the student record and qualification certificate information.

The valid period for the initial application can be extended further.

There will be no limit on how many times the report can be verified within the valid period.