Brief Introduction to Online Verification Report

To meet the requirements of employment, overseas study, further studies, promotion, professional titles evaluation and credit assessment, CHSI website, based on the China higher education student information database, provides online verification reports on student records, qualification certificates, and admission information, such as "Online Verification Report of Higher Education Qualification Certificate". CHSI website provides online verification service for these reports. All you need to do is to visit the online verification page of our website and enter the verification code. The result will show immediately without any charge. You can also use the barcode and mobile phone to re-verify the result. The report can be printed and verified many times within the valid period.

Users can print the report online or download the report in PDF format or send the report to a designated email address in html format (with attached PDF report). Holders of the report can have the report printed or verified as many times as they like by visiting the online verification system or click on the verification code in the report (email format) within the valid period.

I.    Online Verification Report of Higher Education Qualification Certificate

This verification report is an electronic registration result of qualification certificate in accordance with the Regulation of Higher Education Student Record and Qualification Registration(Jiaoxue[2014]11).Based on the online inquiry system and the China Higher Education Qualification Certificate Database, the report offers authoritative and convenient inquiry results for employers, users or others.

How to apply:

1. Register in your real name, log onto the CHSI Archives, click on the online verification button and apply for verification (certificates conferred after 2002);

2. Non-registered users can apply through the Qualification Certificate Inquiry System (certificates conferred after 2002);

The system provides print edition, email version (html format) and PDF version of the Online Verification Report of Higher Education Qualification Certificate.

Ⅱ.    Online Verification Report of Student Record

Online Verification Report of Student Record is the verification result of electronic registration of student records conducted by higher education institutions according to Higher-education Students Management Regulation (MOE decree No.21) and Interim Management Policy of New Higher-education Students (Jiaoxue [2007] No.3). Based on online verification system, verification results are provided for businesses, individuals and related organizations in varied forms by using the national electronic registration database of student records. 

How to apply:

Register with your real name, log onto the CHSI Archives, enter into "online verification system" and apply.

The system can offer Online Verification Report of Student Record in three versions -- print, html and PDF. Its format is similar to Online Verification Report of Higher Education Qualification Certificate. 

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