2014-04-09 10:10       From:CHSI

CollegeNET, Inc. is a leading developer of web-based systems for higher education and nonprofit organizations, serving more than 1300 clients worldwide. The company helps improve efficiencies, reduce paper consumption and cut costs by providing advanced tools for managing resources, streamlining information, and better serving students and applicants.

CollegeNET began serving the administrative automation needs of higher education in 1979 with the creation of the first automated classroom scheduling program. It was the first company to provide administrative Software as a Service (SaaS) to higher education, with the introduction of its ApplyWeb online admissions system.

美国大学网股份有限公司 (CollegeNET, Inc.)是一家为高等教育研发网络系统的领先公司,也是一所非营利机构,其客户达 1300 多家,遍布世界各地。美国大学网提供资源管理和信息流程化的高级工具,帮助客户提高效率、减少纸张耗费、降低成本,从而使客户为学生及申请者提供更好的服务。

早在1979 年,美国大学网就创建了第一个自动化的教室调度程序,从而开启了行政管理自动化的服务之旅。随着其在线录取系统 ApplyWeb 的 推出,美国大学网成为首个为高等教育提供管理软件服务 (administrative Software as a Service ,或 SaaS ) 的公司。