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Student Record and Qualification Verification in China

Welcome to CHSI

The website is maintained by China Higher Education Student Information and Career Center(CHESICC), CHESICC is an authoritative institution directly under the Chinese Ministry of Education. Its primary business includes higher education enrollment, students' record and qualification management and graduates' employment. CHSI is the only designated website for higher-education qualification certificate verification by Ministry of Education.

Verification Service of Qualification and Student Record


Online Verification

Student record and qualification could be verified online according to students’ diplomas and ID information, based on web page or web service. Students could also check their own information for free through real-name registration.


Online Verification Report

Based on online verification, report on student records, qualification certificates, and admission information can be provided for the use of employment, overseas study, further studies, promotion, professional titles evaluation and credit assessment.


Paper Verification Report

Both Chinese and English versions for higher education qualification certificates, student records, and student’s academic transcripts, high school qualifications, and Gaokao scores,which are awarded at any time, can be provided.


Currently, we have established cooperative relationship with several organizations overseas.

Our services of qualification certificate verification and online verification are mainly used by overseas users in the following fields: